Trailer Body Builders has released their annual Trailer Output Report and Hyundai Translead has topped the list as the largest builder of truck-trailers in North America!

This top ranking continues an upward trajectory, surpassing Hyundai Translead’s position last year as second-largest trailer producer.

“The biggest change came at the top of the list. The largest builder of truck-trailers in North America was the second largest the year before. Hyundai Translead, headquartered in San Diego, California, built 10,000 more trailers than in 2016.” (“Top-25 Trailer Build Again Up”Paul Schenk, Trailer/Body Builders)

Coast Hyundai showed a substantial increase in their production numbers, with 55,192 dry van trailers (a 20 percent increase) and 2,553 refrigerated trailers produced (a 13 percent increase). Their total production of 60,329 trailers in 2017 was also made up of 2,514 container chassis (a 19 percent increase), as well as platform trailers and converter dollies.

The Trailer Output Report survey is built by direct reporting from management team members at each manufacturing company, and does not necessarily refelect ranking in terms of revenue. The survey includes trailers that are produced at locations throughout North America.

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