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Hyundai Translead’s best selling trailer, the HT HY-Cube®, offers a greater interior width for increased load capacity plus double decking capabilities. The snap-in plastic liners are made of recycled materials and are strong and easy to repair. A 101″ lining-to-lining width offers up to 4.050 cubic feet of interior volume.


Front Wall & 7-Way Connector

Unitized construction offering greater strength with reinforced angle clips welded to the upper coupler. The surface mounted 7-way receptacle is standard on Hyundai Translead dry van trailerrs.

Top Rail

One piece extrusion offers superior strength. Recessed channel offers marker light protection.

Roof Bow

The pre-arched galvanized steel anti-snag roof bows are on 24” centers. The roof bows are pre-bonded to the roof sheet and attached to the top rail using four rivets, two per end.

Interior HDPE Panels

White snap-in HDPE panels between galvanied steel slotted posts.

Exterior Side Wall

Galvinized 16 gauge steel posts on 24" centers. Side sheet .050" thick, pre-painted white. Excellend corrosion resistance, high impact strength, and excellent appearance.


Crossmember are 4" deep. Floorboards are made from hardwood for added strength. Both crossmembers and floorboards are coated with a tactile coating to insure long life and prevent water intrusion.

Underride Guard & End Cap

Constructed per CMVSS 223 Regulations, the fully hot dipped galvanized underride guard is a bolt on type for ease of replacement if needed.

Rear Frame & Light Protection Bar

The rear frame is fully Hot-Dipped Galvanized for protection against the elements and road chemicals for long life and lower cost of ownership as well as visual appeal.


Automotive conduit protects the electrical wiring throughout the trailer. Easily accessible for the addition of more lights or ease of repair.
  • Corrosion Resistance Package includes HOT-DIP GALVANIZED steel rear frame, rear impact guard, inner and outer landing gear legs, landing gear mounting brackets and bracing, license mounting plate and mid turn signal bracket. All standard components for extended service life and superior appearance.
  • Six (6) pick-up plate longitudinal channel sections for maximum strength for fifth wheel to prevent “dishing”.
  • Extra deep base rail with rivet guards.
  • Logistics slotted side posts standard on 12, 16 and 24 centers as well as a logistic slotted rear frame.rame.


  • Inside height and rear door opening height of 110″
  • Interior width 101″, lining-to-lining.
  • Sealed wiring harness with internal ground
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel rear frame and rear underride guard
  • Easy operating door lock rods with rubber handle grips for operator comfort and safety
  • Water and debris resistant tail light housing
  • Computer controlled machine riveting of sides and roof
Length Exterior: 53′ 0″
Interior: 52′ 6″
Width Exterior: 102.36″
Interior: 99″ lining to lining
Height Exterior: 13′ 6″
Interior: 110
Capacity 68,000 GVWR
4050 cu. ft. of interior volume
Tare Weight 14,200 lbs
Side Sheets Side sheets 0.050″ thick pre-painted white aluminum.
Side Posts Slotted “A” logistic galvanized steel posts on 16″ centers, 0.45″ deep × 6.57″ wide, with posts on 12″ centers over coupler and landing gear areas.
Roof One piece, 0.040″ thick, full width aluminum sheet, tension leveled prior to installation.
Roof Bows Galvanized steel anti-snag bows on 24″ centers. Pre-bonded to roof sheet. Roof bows installed using four solid rivets, two per end.
Front Wall Four hi-tensile, hat shaped posts securely fastened with 6 heavy-duty fasteners and reinforced with a special angle clip, welded to the upper coupler and covered with 0.050 aluminum front sheets.
Rear Frame Hot-dipped 3/16″ thick galvanized steel construction with low profile header, tube shaped posts. Forged steel angle iron in top corners for added rack resistance. Lights recessed in rear sill with heavy-duty protection bars.
Rear Doors Composite construction of 1/2″ composite panel covered by .019″ thick pre-painted white galvanized inner and outer skins. Dual durometer seals bonded to door. Four hinges and one anti-rack locking bar with nylon bushings per door. Lock handles fitted with rubber grips for operator comfort and safety.
Interior Lining White 0.235″ thick HDPE lining installed full height between uprights with no fasteners. Side lining hooks into place for easy replacement. Exterior grade 0.50″ plywood installed on bottom and 0.25″ plywood installed on top over front wall.
Crossmembers Four inch deep, hot rolled steel I-beam, 80,000 psi yield strength, located on 12″ centers. Hat shaped crossmembers ahead of landing gear. Rear 4′ of trailer has crossmembers located on 8″ centers.
Upper Coupler Floor A.A.R. rated king pin, 3.40″ deep.
Laminated Oak 1-3/8″ nominal thickness with three screws per floorboard. With a 0.125″ thick steel × 12″ deep diamond plate threshold plate.
Landing Gear Laminated Oak 1-3/8″ nominal thickness with three screws per floorboard. With a 0.125″ thick steel × 12″ deep diamond plate threshold plate.
Rear Underride Guard Hot-dip galvanized wing plate and support gear bracing mounted to five crossmembers. Two speed, 50,000 lb. capacity, A.A.R. rated, with 10″ × 10″ sandshoes. Roadside crank handle.
Suspension Hedrickson Vantraxx HKANT40K Air Ride
Hub & Drums Ten stud, hub piloted with outboard mounted cast brake drums.
Wheels Pre-painted white 8.25 × 22.5 steel disc.
Tires Low profile 22.5 radial tires.
Axles Five inch round, 22,500 lb. rating, 77.5″ track.
Brakes Non-asbestos lining 16.5″ × 7″ quick change type, “S” cam operated automatic slack adjuster.
ABS System Two sensor, one modulator valve (2S/1M) system, PLC4Trucks compatible system.
Oil Seals Stemco Platinum Performance.
Lights & Wiring Color coded 12-volt sealed wiring system, internal ground, and special watertight molded connectors to accept sealed lamps.
Paint Steel front impact guard is abrasive blasted, coated with zinc rich epoxy primer andwhite finish top coat
Undercoating Flooring is pre-undercoated and crossmembers are dipped in a black color coating prior to installation. Landing gear and running gear areas painted with gray color non-hardening rust preventative.
Decals D.O.T. approved Hyundai Translead logo conspicuity tape and FHWA inspection sticker.
Miscellaneous Truck-Lite P/N 97960 registration cardholder on frontwall. White mud flaps with Hyundai logo mounted on rear of slider subframe.
Warranty Limited five year warranty.

Ultimate Corrosion Package

Hyundai Translead offers the Ultimate Corrosion Package, offering additional protection to those steel components that are not part of the standard hot dipped galvanized package.


HT TuffCoat® is our spray-on corrosion pre-ventative coating for components which cannot be hot dipped galvanized.


Hyundai Translead offers aerodynamic components from various manufacturers to meet US EPA SmartWay and California Air Resource Board requirements.

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors available from various manufacturers.

Lift Gate Factory Install

Lift gates can be factory installed so that your trailer is ready for use when you need it.

PSI System

To assist in achieving greater fuel savings, PSI systems can be installed at the factory.

Translucent Roof

To assist in achieving greater fuel savings, PSI systems can be installed at the factory.

Dome Lamps

Kemlite® ETR roof skins are available offering greater interior visibility and safety for both workers and cargo.

Wide Base Tires

Wide based tires from various manufacturers are available to meet both EPA SmartWay and California Air Resources Board requirements.

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